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Strong Penis - Attain a Big Strong Penis with Natural Penis Enlargement Techniques

1. Enlarging your penis
  1. Enlarging your penis
1. Enlarging your penis

2. Exercise¸ exercise¸ exercise
  2. Exercise¸ exercise¸ exercise
2. Exercise¸ exercise¸ exercise

3. Penis enlargement know-how
  3. Penis enlargement know-how
3. Penis enlargement know-how

4. Bigger...but how?
  4. Bigger...but how?
4. Bigger...but how?

5. The harder¸ the better
  5. The harder¸ the better
5. The harder¸ the better

6. Alex Oprescu recommends
  6. Alex Oprescu recommends
6. Alex Oprescu recommends

7. Women and sex
  7. Women and sex
7. Women and sex

8. Virginity vs. sexual activity
  8. Virginity vs. sexual activity
8. Virginity vs. sexual activity

9. What to do in bed?
  9. What to do in bed?
9. What to do in bed?

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Strong Penis - Attain a Big Strong Penis with Natural Penis Enlargement Techniques
Hello everybody,
My name is Alexandru Oprescu.

I'm a Romanian web-designer. If you work in this field you know that it brings lots of money. Specially if you work for international companies, 'cos they're willing to pay you big money to get a cool site.

So you can say I'm a rich man and I can say life treated me good.

Not only I have more money than I can spend but I also was blessed “physically”... so to speak.

So you might ask, why become interested in penis enlargement when your penis is 7 inches when erect to begin with?

Well, because I never settled with what I had. I always wanted more.
If I just sticked to doing websites for my friends do you think I would have gotten to where I am now?
The answer is obviously no.

So a few years ago I became interested in penis enlargement methods.
I started buying every device and penis enlargement solution I could find. And I tried almost all there is to try where penis enlargement is concerned.

I now sport a 9 inch penis that any man would be proud of.

As I said, I tried everything, and it wasn't all fun and games.

Just because I wish I had an opportunity like you do now, to come across a website that would give me the truth coming from experience in penis enlargement, I decided to make websites about penis enlargement techniques tried and I recommend.

It's “websites” because this is not my first penis enlargement website. My first “baby” is Penis Works and I'd appreciate it if you checked that one too.

You can get information and I'd consider it as a personal favor if you'd tell me what you like about it and what you like about this one.
You can check out Penis Works at http://www.penisworks.com/

I'll tell you what I've tried and what worked for me, and I'll also tell you what I tried and didn't work, and last but not least, I'll tell you about what you shouldn't even think about doing to your penis.

The penis has a BIG role in a relationship, but, to have a truly harmonious love-life you also need to know about how the woman next to you will get pleasure from your new penis.

For these reasons this site will not only be about penis enlargement methods, it will also be about women and sex.
Now... I suggest you guys look around this site and find what interests you.

If you have any questions don't hesitate to ask me.
Also, when you've obtained the penis you wanted share your story with others... because, though we're tough... a little encouragement and lots of success stories never hurt anyone.


ive got 5 inch and i want it to be atleast 6 and hlf or 7 can that be done

Alex's answer:

Of course :) Just join PenileFitness.com OnLine Course. You will find all the information you need on that site.

sir my penis little tht is not working panis sex girls so plz help me

Alex's answer:

Visit Penile Fitness for the best natural enlargement methods.

how can i make my penis increase in length 3 inches and in girth 3 inches

Alex's answer:

That's a simple one. Visit PenileFitness.com and you will find the answers to your questions.

Hi my penis is small about 4.5 inch what can i do? plz halp

Alex's answer:

You can start a penis enlargement program.

hi i want to have bigger penis size than at the moment. Current size is 5.5" and want it as 7 or 8" atleast. Can u help me in this regard? what pills you suggest is better. mind u i have already used VIG RX pills and Proenhance patches and found useless. please guide me complete package to achieve my goal. thanks

Alex's answer:

Use the techniques on this website and follow the directions.  I'd also recommend taking the MSF pills to help boost your erection power and experience longer sexual performance.

ive been doing the kegel exercises and havent really noticed any changes...what should i be doing ?

Alex's answer:

You need to apply to a daily routine. Before beginning any exercises program, you should evaluate what you want out of this program, and what your goals are in continuing with natural male enhancement and development.

hi alex,can i make my penis big at age of 33..i hv 5.5 inches penis size..looking for ur kind reply..thanx

Alex's answer:

absolutely all ages can enjoy these exercises for a healthier, happier sex life.

plz send for pines enlargement exercises video

Alex's answer:

You'll find full instructions and video tutorials for enlarging your penis HERE.

sibdhartha sankar biswas
i want to enlarge my penis. pls advice me.how i will long time enjoy with my wife.

Alex's answer:

You need to start penile fitness ASAP.  it is well worth it my friend, trust me.

Hi i am 19 my penis is so smal ie 6inch what would i do for rockhard strog

Alex's answer:

6 inches it's ok :) but if you want to go for more and strenghten your penis go for a penis enlargement course.

early decharge problem

Alex's answer:

There's plenty of assistance when you join penilefitness.com.

plz i want to help me to have a big balls my balls are small is there any cure to enlerage them and i want to buy msf directly here in morocco because i have no card visa and how can i get it plzzzzzzzz help

Alex's answer:

You can use exercises for stretching your scrotum.

One last question, how can i get my head larger ?

Alex's answer:

penile fitness has several exercises for this that really work.

I have a few questions, 1. How long does it usually take for jelqing to show results ? 2. If it does not work, what am i doing wrong ? 3. How long will it take for the PC clamps to shows results ? 4. I watched the video on developing girth on another website, how long does that show results ?

Alex's answer:

I'd give it at least 6 weeks to see anything positive.

if you plz my penis is 16 17 cm but in flaccid state it becomes so small and i have a small balls that's make me afraid for example i can't wear colothes of swwiming and if ou plzzzzzzzzzz plzzzzzzzzz is there any cure to have a big balls i want to buy it don't tell me there is no cure if you plzz even it's not natural thank you

Alex's answer:

testicle jelqing and massaging worked for me.

Very nice site!
i want to make long and strong my penis

Alex's answer:

then you need to do penis exercises on a regular basis.

hi my penis is 7 inch. but when it is not erect it seems too small (2-3 inch). i m happy with my erect size but not with normal. do u have any suggestion?

Alex's answer:

It's normal. you can follow the penile fitness program for your penis health.

i want strong pennis

Alex's answer:

Check out Get Your Penis Big, its a good free website :)

nice site. Any new ones out?

Alex's answer:

Yup, many new sites!  Here's several:

Tantric Sexual Techniques

Get Your Penis Big

Penile Fitness .NET

Fast Fuck Sex Partner Search

Killer Sex Positions



Hi am in Ghana a country in west africa and i need help because my penis is small just 5 inch

Alex's answer:

Check out the free erection strengthening guide.  Its awesome.

I am a man and I have 40 years old so since five years I suffer from weaknees of penise and due to sex time after 4 min I become finish. now I would like to advice me that how to empower and strong and localy from what thing I should use to remove this problem thanks with regards

Alex's answer:

you need penis exercise techniques to strengthen your erections.  Check out a great free program at penisexercise.com and erectionstrengthening.com

i have a premature ejaculation problem and the size of my penis is 5 inch please help me

Alex's answer:

erectionstrengthening.com will surely help you and its free.

i want to inlarge my penis please help me and send me yours address in pakistan. thanks

Alex's answer:

theres a lot of free penis enlargement techniques in this website already, just read all you can then try.

Hello I have my penis size 5 inch. but it's very strong also. i need size 7 inch . guide me also tell me any food will effect on the size of penise. Thankyou

Alex's answer:

I'd use the techniques in penile fitness combined with the MSF pills.  the ingredients in the MSF pills are natural food supplements that help build penile power.

how i had big penis and strong in my sex

Alex's answer:

You need to start doing regular penis exercise to experience stronger erections and a more powerful sex drive.  Also check out a new site called Jelq Instruction.

i m from Bangladesh...my penni size is 4inch when it is erected?can u please suggest me how can i enlarge me penni size to 7-8 inches?

Alex's answer:

Well, you will have to stay dedicated to the program.  I'd suggest starting at penis exercise since it's free.

my penis small size . ican not long time intercourse.

Alex's answer:

then you need to practice penis enlargement exercise and also build up your stamina for sex.  I'd also start taking MSF pills if i were you to help build your penile strength while doing the exercises.

hai my name is nasababu my penis is 6 inch

Alex's answer:

Hello, are you wanting to enlarge your penis?  Start here.

ya i need to know if this is true

Alex's answer:

Absolutely it's true, why wlese would we be here?  It works, it works, IT WORKS!!!!!  =)  Here's some new sites that just launched:

Add Penis Girth

Penis Owner's Manual (Funny! )

i am penis 6 inch

Alex's answer:

Then you are in the average category.  If you would like to be above average or "large", try the free program at penis exercise.com.

I want to know how to increase my penis length through penile exercises by up to 3inches and girth also. This is very important to me and however you can be of help let me know.

Alex's answer:

You'll find full instructions and video tutorials for enlarging your penis HERE.

thanks guys. you enlighted my life today.
kaushal chand
I want my pennis large and strong/hard and also want late errection

Alex's answer:

You're looking to add length, girth and stamina to your penis- you'll need to do penis enlargement exercises.

awesome! i really searched for someting like this and now is here. thanks!
i love you
it is very much helpfull for me.
are there any other way to enlarge my penis? i mean easier and faster. thanks

Alex's answer:

Easier and faster as compared to what?

ketty jishen
no comment ! i love it ? Thank you ! Ketty Jishen
hallo i have a small balls is there any way that will help me to have a big balls for example is there any specail meal

Alex's answer:

You can massage your testes regularly to optimize their function, but if you feel that your testes are very undersized, you should see an endocrinologist.

i m 21 n my penis size is small both lenthg n thickness what should i do to enlarge my penis both lenthg n thickness.

Alex's answer:

You'll need to do penis enlargement exercises.  The best place for you to start would be HERE.

will penis enlargemenlpills enlarge my penis permenantly

Alex's answer:

No- unless you use them in cojunction with Penis Enlargement Exercises.

hey firstly thans for all the help that you give for us. i want to enlarge my penis in flaccid position 'it become so small sometime i feel that i have no penis.in erected position it's 17 cm. i know you will send me the mensforte site but it doesn't work i must be a member and i don't know how. thank you

Alex's answer:

Flaccid gains are the first and easiest gains to get.  To become a member, you'll need to go HERE to sign up.

Hey Alex!! Thanks a lot for your most interesting site. I am very interested in trying out your techniques as time permits. Here are my stats: My Flaccid is:about 6 cms My erect is: about 14.5cms I would certainly love to have you advise me on how I can increase my flaccid and erect penis in length and girth both. I havve been browsing so many sites and now they all seem like junk after I started reading your website. I also have considerably small balls, could you also advise me how I can make them increase in size? I'm a very sexy married man of 34. That's one reason I'm wanting to increase my size. I've been married for 10 years now and have one sweet daughter of 8. My wife is quite happy with my penis but I'm not. So, I definitely need your help! Thanks! Mike

Alex's answer:

You can add length and girth to your penis by using the Penile Fitness Guide.  To see specific exercises for testicle health, please see this link.

i'am 45yrs. marrid,mypenis normal size 3.5inch. when errect, 5inch.can i improve the size? i,am rapid ejaculator,what r the treatments for it?

Alex's answer:

You can improve your penis size AND control your premature ejaculation using the exercises in the Penile Fitness Online Male Enhancement Course.

hi my pines size 5inch i want make my size big allmost 7inch tell me how posiable thanks im ur answer bye

Alex's answer:

Penis enlargement is possible with natural penis enlargement exercises- like the exercises you'd find in the Penile Fitness Online Male Enhancement Course.

Hi Al, what do you think the average length of time to do a workout should be? What do you consider taking to much time? I do squeezes and tension stretches. Kegels throughout the day.

Alex's answer:

For a beginner, 10 minutes of actual PE exercise is plenty. For an advanced trainee, the best workouts are usually under 30 minutes in length (not counting warm ups, cool downs, and stamina work). If you make each repetition and exercise count, any more volume than this would be counterproductive.

hi.I have 35yers old and my penis 13cm.I marrid.plz help me.tanks.

Alex's answer:

To increase your penis size, you'll need to do exercises like the ones here at Penile Fitness.

Mihail S.
All this techniques definitely work.I have tied and I am really thankful for designers of this site. Thank's for everithing
it's ok mrs alex i have a perfect change in my penis in one week u r really a wonderful pereson and unique thnks thanks thank youuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu
hi sir i m 18 year sold i have the problem of penis size it just like children in size if u can help me and tell me that how can get your help in pakistan then i will be very grateful to u

Alex's answer:

You can do penis enlargement exercises to add size.  HERE is a good place for you to start learning more about these exercises.

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